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Forwarded by Merril Aluwihare


We set out below for the information of All Thomians Near and Far a
Calendar of Events:



September 07, 2014

8.30 p.m.

STC Mt. Lavinia OBA

Thomian Ball 2014
Music by Misty & Black
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Hilton Colombo

September 14, 2014

7.30 p.m.

Thomian Society of Colombo

Dinner Theatre - A Brand New Edition of “Pusswedilla”
Venue: Waters Edge

October 04, 2014

8.00 a.m. onwards

STC Mt. Lavinia OBA

Inter Collegiate Batch Cricket 6’s
Venue: NCC Ground Colombo

October 25, 2014

5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

STC OBA Canada

Annual General Meeting
November  08, 2014

8.30 p.m.

STC Gurutalawa OBA

Rhythm of Blues II – The Thomian Extravaganza -

Bands: Gypsies & DeeZone
Guest Artistes and Dancers
Venue: Empire Ball Room - Mount Lavinia Hotel

December 06, 2014

6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

STC OBA Canada

Christmas Party - Simeon Chalet
Venue: Simeon Park, Bethesda, ON, Canada


Ana Medonza has sent us the following e mail on September 03, 2014

Blue Black & Blue Dance in Sydney OZ

Please click here to view photos


STC Mt. Lavinia OBA has sent us the following e mail August 30, 2014

“Dear Fellow Thomians                                                          

It is with profound sadness that I announce the death of one of the most distinguished Old Thomians of recent times, Mr. Sam Wijesinghe, a former Secretary General of Parliament. The late Mr. Wijesinghe also held the posts of Ombudsman of Sri Lanka and Chancellor of the Open University of Sri Lanka. Funeral arrangements would be notified in due course. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Members of the family of the Late Mr. Wijesinghe

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,

Dilshan Jayasuriya
Hony. Secretary

STC Mt. Lavinia OBA has sent us the following e mail August 30, 2014

“Dear Fellow Thomians,

As you are aware the much anticipated 'Thomian Night Dinner Dance 2014' is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 7th September 2014 at the Grand Ball Room of the Colombo Hilton (Please note that Monday, 8th September is a Public, Bank and Mercantile Holiday). The 'Thomian Night Dinner Dance' has earned the deserving reputation of being the Dinner Dances of Colombo attracting the best of crowds. It has throughout been a complete sell out much to the disappointment of a considerable number of Thomians who are left out due to the non-availability of tickets.

This year too, all the tickets were booked well in advance thus living up to its reputation of being a complete sell out. However, owing to a couple of unexpected last minute cancellations, a few tickets are remaining unsold. Hence, don't miss this opportunity of purchasing the available tickets and participating in the Dinner Dance of the year. Those who are interested in purchasing tickets may contact Raajiv on 0770778855 or the OBA Secretariat on 0114955047.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,

Dilshan Jayasuriya
Hony. Secretary


STC Mt. Lavinia OBA has sent us the following e mail on August 25, 2014

“Dear Fellow Thomians,

It is with profound sadness that I notify the untimely deaths of twopast Thomian Rugby Players, brothers, Sadeva Dharmadasa (2005 to 2007 STC Rugby) and Avendra Dharmadasa (2009 & 2010 STC Rugby) under tragic circumstances on 23.08.2014. Sadeva and Avendra are the sons of Arjun Dharmadasa, a distinguished Old Thomian who played a pivotal role in the recent revival of STC Rugby.

The funeral took place on Sunday, 24th August 2014, at the General Cemetery, Borella (Buddhist Section), at 11.30 am. On behalf of the STC OBA I wish to express my sincere condolences to the Parents and other Members of the family of the late Sadeva and Avendra Dharmadasa. Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Dilshan Jayasuriya
Hony. Secretary


J H Marikar has sent us the following e mail on August 20, 2014

“Dear TSOC Member,

 The TSOC has once again come forward to put on a show as a Fund Raiser and great entertainer with a brand new edition of “Pusswedilla” in the form of a Dinner Theatre. Details in Flyer attached. Tickets for TSOC members are priced at Rs. 6,500/= each. You could contact me on 0777718694 for any further details.

Best Regards.

Lohan Goonewardene

President TSOC.”


Ananda Amaranath has sent us the following e mail on August 12, 2014

“From: Sriyan Jayasekera []
Sent: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 3:56 AM
To: Ronnie Reid; buddy reid; Bryan Reid
Cc: STC tyretracks
Subject: Sincere condolences on the loss of a lifelong friend

Dear Ronnie, Buddy and Barney,

Please accept my deepest Sympathies and heartfelt condolences
on passing away of your dear brother.
He was a well mannered gentlemen of the highest caliber and always had time to give a patient hearing to his juniors. Was the Head Prefect of Wood House and I was appointed a house prefect during his period. He won school colours in Cricket and Athletics. He once told me that everyone expects him to perform like his illustrious brothers and results in additional pressure when performing.
May he rest in peace.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Corinne King <>
Date: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 9:04 PM
Subject: Sincere condolences on the loss of a lifelong friend
To all in the "Thomian Link" that I have,

I send below the response I received from Sanjiva Wijesinha & his "tribute to Tiny" .  Please click and enjoy the writings of a true friend of nearly 60 years.

I also sent Claud, Ronnie, Buddy & Barney a photo that my husband Ian took of the 5 Reids under the College flag at the Charity lunch held on 30th September 2012.

The response I received from Buddy was touching.  He has commented that it would have been the last time that they were all together and had a photo taken of them.  Buddy has also commented that it would be the one and only photo taken of all 5 Reids under the College Flag!!   I would like to share this "special" photo of the 5 Reids as taken by Ian on 30-9-2012.  Ironically, it was amazing how they all stood from left to right in order of ages - eldest to youngest!!

Tiny's funeral will be at 1pm on Wednesday 13th August at Crossways Church (Springvale Road, near the Burwood Highway).

Glad to "share",



----- Original Message -----
From: Sanjiva Wijesinha
To: Corinne King
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 4:46 AM
Subject: Re: Sincere condolences on the loss of a lifelong friend

Thanks, Corinne, for your message and the pictures..

I have written a tribute to Tiny -

Associate Professor Sanjiva Wijesinha MBBS (Ceylon), MSc (Oxford), FRCS,FRACGP,
Department of General Practice,
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, 

270, Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, Victoria,  Australia 3168.
Author of 
Strangers on the Camino and Not Our War


STC Mt. Lavinia OBA has sent us the following flyer on August 01, 2014


Andy Jayasinghe has sent us the following e mail on July 02, 2014

“Hi Lakshman,
Heres an old photo of doc and mrs Hayman which I found in an album.
You may want to publish it on your web site.






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California, USA - Lunch at Bakka’s Octobr 2011 - Click Here
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Rt.Revd Dhiloraj R Canagasabey – Bishop of Colombo -
Chairman Board of Governors STC - Tele - (O) 2696208
Hony.Secretary Mr.R N Asirwatham
Hony. Treasurer  Mr.C P Sanjay Mendis
Manager of the School Mr. Senaka de Fonseka
Staff Representative for Branch Schools - Mr.Merril R Aluwihare
 Tele – 2737483 /2716043 - E-mail -

Please click here for present composition of STC Board of Governers


Rev. Nihal Fernando 
Bungalow 057- 2280012
Admin Manager

College Office 
General 057- 2280000 Fax 057- 2280280
Hotline: 0772277405 
Acting Chaplain
 Fr. Ranjith Perera 

Tutorial Staff

Upper School

Sectional Head - Mrs. S. Jayasekara, Bsc (Spl),
057 2280864 (Residence) 0772 987663 (Official) 
Middle School 
Sectional Head – K. M. T. Pushpakumara
Lower School
Sectional Head & Prefect of Discipline Mr. V. W. Dikkumbura Bed, Dip in Agri,Trained
0772 987666 (Official) 

Sports Unit
Prefect of Games
Mr.R M S P K Medawela

Sports Assistant
Mr.D K Rasika

IT Unit 
S. Kaviharan

Hostel & Boarding House
Senior Boarding House Master – Mr. V. W. Dikkumbura

House Masters
Mr.B M Sufiyan – De Saram House
Mr.A Amsakumar – Garnier House
Mr.Vijith de Silva – Hayman House
Mr.G.D. Prematilaka – Read House

Manager of the School
Mr. Senaka de Fonseka


Mr. Ziard Sinnen – Senior Vice President
No.19, Station Road, Udahamulla, Nugegoda.
Tele-0112 833526  (R) , 0777 420191 (M)

Mr. S. Rajmohan -1st Vice President
No.192/1, Thimbirigasyaya Rd., Colombo5.
011 2594969 (R) 011 2432620 (O) 077 7396655 (M)

Mr.A.Kumaranayake -2nd Vice President
174/8A,Nawala Road, Nugegoda.
071 2722993 (M) 011 2819398 (R)

Mr.A.H.M.Razeek -3rd Vice President
57/1 School Lane, Colombo.03
077 3185244 (M) 011 2587429 (R) 011 2508614 (R)

S. Kaviharan - Hony. Secretary
S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa.
20/7, Sri Piyatissapura Road, Bambarakelle, Nuwara Eliya.
Tele: 052 2235938  (R), 0773260439(M)

Mr. Krishantha Weerawardane  - Treasurer
No.17A, Sulaiman Avenue, Colombo 5
Tele : 011 5662187 (O) 011 2598303 (R) 072 3622075 (M)

Mr.D.A.Gallearachie - Asst.Secretary
“Lion Cliff” No.01.S.Thomas’College road, Bandarawela.
Tele: 057 2222466 (R) 077 7412211 (M)

Mr.D.Tennakoon - Asst. Treasurer
No.259/F/1, Nagawanarama Road, Batapotha, Kotugoda.
Tele: 011  2483460 (R), 071  4407999 (M)

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Muditha Dissanayake has sent us the following link
to access STC Guru on Google Maps

Muditha Dissanayake, who created the STC Guru website, has sent us the following link,_Gurutalawa


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