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1. The 51st AGM & Re-Union Celebrations of the STCG-OBA took place during the weekend February 19-21st 2010.

2. On entry each Old Boy was handed over a Note of Welcome from the Headmaster. A new Code of Conduct had been introduced this year, and the Headmaster solicited the support and co-operation of all Old Boys in conforming to the guide lines laid down.

3. A Wrist Band was also issued to all Old Boys at the point of entry, so that “Strangers”, “Gate Crashers” and “FOB Passengers” were left out.. Only members of the OBA were permitted entry. A sum of Rs.2000/- was levied against the Food & Other incidental expenses to be incurred by the College, and towards an exgratia payment for the Support Staff. This innovative procedure proved very effective.

4. A total of 179 Old Boys participated this year. 96 members had arrived in time for Dinner on Friday Evening. It was noteworthy that larger numbers from the younger age groups were not only taking part but also playing an active role in supporting the College and the Headmaster.

5. By Breakfast time Saturday, 133 had registered. The Education Faculty Committee led by Wansapriya Gunaseela spearheaded a Project strongly supported by Senior Vice President Prabhath Jayasundara for the supply to College of a Multi- Media Projector with the Screen. They also donated 15 White Boards with a large stock of Marker Pens and Ink for use in the Class Rooms. Upali Jayatilaka, a Mount Thomian donated 06 Paintings for the Headmaster's Office. These presentations were made on Saturday after Breakfast, before leaving for the Main Grounds.

6. In the Cricket Match between Old Boys and Present Boys the Old Boys won the toss and having been put in to bat, the Present Boys were all out for 170 runs. In their allotted 20 Over’s, the Old Boys could reply with only149 runs and were all out in the 17th over.

Trophies were awarded as follows:-

W A N Silva of the Present Boys for Best Batsman & Best Bowler
Rameeshan of the Old Boys for Best Batsman
Dasmal Liyanage of the Old Boys for Best Bowler
W N Silva of the Present Boys for Man of the Match.

7. Special mention must be made of the Refurbishment of the Swimming Pool now available with clean water for swimming which added lustre to the entrance of the College. Once the Tiling, Lighting, Diving Boards and Landscaping are completed the Pool and its environs would greatly enhance the beauty and value of the School. A Swimming Meet was organized by Shervon Fernando and his Friends. The Old Boys won the Medley Relay against the Present Boys.

8. Lunch was not unduly delayed despite the busy programme of the late morning. The number of Old Boys at Lunch had swelled to 172.

9. Whilst some Old Boys took time off for a snooze others continued with the Sports Events. The Basket Ball match was won by the Old Boys 28:26. In the Volley Ball match 02 games were won by the Old Boys and one by the Support Staff.

10.The presence on the Campus of about 75 Boys and Girls during the Re-Union Celebrations to witness the Cricket Match, the Swimming Meet, the Basket Ball and Volley Ball Matches added colour and a sense of normalcy to all these events and proceedings taking place, as in the good old days of the Hayman era. It was nostalgic to note the manner in which the Present Boys and the Old Boys cheered their respective Members and Teams when the Sports Events were taking place. In the last 02 decades the entire Boarding was given a more or less compulsory Mid Term holiday, and when the Old Boys moved in to the Guru Campus on Friday Evening it had taken a Ghost Town atmosphere sans the Boys who infused life to the place. Perhaps it would not be too much for us as Old Boys to hope that next year too and in the years ahead, come OBA Re-Union Weekend Celebrations, with the New Code of Conduct in place and with any adjustments being made thereto as would be felt necessary and relevant at that time, it will be possible for the entire student population of the College and more particularly the Boarding to be at hand during the Celebrations to participate actively in the Sports Events.

11. 151 Members attended the AGM of the OBA. It was heartening to note that all Old Boys were attired as requested to lend dignity and decorum to this important Meeting.

The following were elected Office Bearers without a contest.

Senior Vice President – Christo Gonawela
Vice President - Nihal Wanniarachchi
- Krishantha Weerawardena
- M. Thirumurugamoorthy
Secretary - Milinda Hettiarachchi
Treasurer - S. Raj Mohan
Assistant Secretary - A D Sandakelum
Assistant Treasurer - Thanura Fernando

12. Fellowship took place as usual with a live band providing the music. Thereafter, 140 Old Boys sat down to Dinner.

13. On Sunday morning whilst the Service was going on in the College Chapel the planting of a 100 Fruit Trees with the idea of reviving the Orchard, (which was the dream of Mrs.Mary Hayman on her last visit to College), proceeded.

14. The Headmaster and his Staff together with the OBA Ex-Co and Organising Committee for the Re- Union Celebrations had blended well and co-ordinated superbly to put in place a well prepared Programme to make the Event an Outstanding Success. The New Code of Conduct as well as the production of the Membership Card compulsory to gain entry to the Campus, also went a long way to enable a smooth and trouble free Celebration. The quality of the food and service was exceptionally good and received the approbation of all participants. In short all Old Boys participating were full of praise for the Chief Architect and the Man Behind the Scene, Headmaster Fr. Marc Billimoria.

15. The Headmaster had written previously to Old Boys with regard to development work etc at Guru. This letter is placed on the Home Page of this website. Those who attended the Re-Union Celebrations could see for themselves the improvements effected since he took over. One could sense a note of expectancy in the air. Many Old Boys who had previously written off Guru as a lost cause have rallied round the energetic Headmaster, of whom it could be said, is moving heaven and earth Towards the Revival of Guru. A well prepared Report was presented by the Headmaster to the Old Boys at the AGM, which was well received. Perhaps in continuation of this same spirit and sense of urgency a High Powered, Energetic, Efficient and Dynamic Leadership to the Ex-Co was elected to Office to lend muscle and support the Headmaster to the hilt.

16. We suggest that Old Boys interested in continuing to assist Guru contact the Headmaster with their Offers of Support. A visit to Guru and a chat with the Headmaster will be the best evidence anyone needs to satisfy himself THAT GURU IS NOW IN GOOD HANDS.

17. Special mention must be made of Ananda Gallearachchi an Old Boys of our vintage from Bandarawela who is resident on the Campus, as Manager – Administration. He has many years of Planting experience, handling labour and management. He was found everywhere organizing activities and being of immense assistance to the Headmaster who has acknowledged the invaluable role played by Ananda in the running of the School.

18. Apart from the coverage given by our 03 Cameras, Bandu Wanigasekera and Lasantha Perera have sent in their contributions too, which are also placed below.


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